Gases are used in a myriad of industries from food and beverage to biotechnology. We offer a full range of pure gases, gas mixtures and specialty gases, and we work with you to make the best choices for your application.

Take a look at the industries we serve and see how we’re helping our customers focus on providing superior products and services.



If you use carbon dioxide for beverage carbonation and dispensing, we provide beverage-grade CO2 that produces a superior final product because it’s carbonated by a clean gas that has no taste or smell. Modern local microbreweries, restaurants, and taverns up to world-class breweries use beverage-grade carbon dioxide and nitrogen for soft drink and beer dispensing.

Variety of food items


Gases are used to grow, produce, ripen and preserve foods throughout the food chain. Typical food industry applications include gases for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), food freezing, greenhouse growing and fisheries.

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We help sustain the daily needs of biotechnology laboratories and pharmaceutical operations. Whether you are involved with drug discovery, process development, manufacturing, quality control or bio-preservation, we provide critical gases and cryogens.

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Water Treatment

Water treatment comes in many forms and use a variety of gases. Treating water can involve using gases to help remove chemicals and biological contaminants in municipal water supplies and food processing facilities or controlling pH in public swimming pools and spas.

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Fire Suppression

Carbon dioxide is the most common and effective non-water fire extinguishing medium. In addition to being economical and leaving no residue, CO2 is effective on a wide range of flammable materials.  

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Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, dental offices and wellness facilities all use a variety of medical grade gases for their services. Nitrogen is used to preserve blood and tissue samples; helium for MRIs; oxygen for respiratory therapy; and nitrous oxide for anesthesia.

When your operations employ systems using gases, we can help. In addition, we tailor supply systems to make sure your gases are dispensed to you safely and efficiently.