About Us

As our name suggests, CryoCarb™ is a unique and new specialty gas company offering “cryogenic” and “carbonic” gas solutions. We are focused on customers in the food, beverage, biotechnology, healthcare, water treatment and other “clean” industries.

Our goal is to provide innovative solutions, high quality product and service you can trust.

About Us

We are part of Welders Supply Company (WSC), a reputable, independent supplier of gases and welding equipment based in southern Wisconsin. For over 80 years, WSC has grown organically and built a reputation for excellent service by delivering customers what they want, when they need it.

Over the years, WSC attracted customers from divergent industries and developed trust and expertise with these new partners. We decided it was time to create a new company with a brand that focuses on the needs of these unique businesses.

Thus, the CryoCarb™ brand was born in 2017.

Why the name CryoCarb™?

The CryoCarb™ name was created because it combines two words that encompass the new brand: cryogenics and carbonics.

about Us

Cryogenics refers to the science of producing low temperature or “very cold” conditions, derived from the Greek word “cryos” meaning “cold.” Atmospheric gases, such as nitrogen, oxygen and helium that normally exist is a gas state begin to liquefy and freeze in a cryogenic environment. The term “cryogenic” applies to temperatures from approximately −100°C (−148°F) down to absolute zero 273°C (−459°F), the coldest point a material could reach.

about Us

Carbonic refers to use of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. Carbonic applications include the dispensing and creating of beverages, such as fountain drinks, beer and wine. Multiple food and pharmaceutical processing applications use CO2, such as the preservation of food, processing of medicines, and a diversity of dry ice uses.

So, if what you do involves using dry ice or gases for cryogenic or carbonic applications, remember CryoCarb™ is the fresh, new brand designed just for you.

Which Gases?

CryoCarb™ supplies a wide array of pure (atmospheric) gases and mixed gases supplied in cylinder, microbulk and bulk modes. We have solutions for beverage carbonation, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), cryogenic freezing, water purification, pressure testing, helium leak testing, biological storage and medical purposes, to name a few.

Dry Ice

Atmospheric Gases

A component of the air we breathe, atmospheric gases include pure Argon (Ar), Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ), Helium (He), Nitrogen (N2), Oxygen (O2). The main atmospheric gases including nitrogen, oxygen and argon are typically captured by reducing the temperature of the air until each component liquefies and can be separated. Carbon dioxide can be recovered as a by-product of industrial and chemical processes. Occurring naturally in the earth’s crust, helium is trapped in non-porous rock pockets. It is recovered in a similar way to oil. However, since helium ‘wells’ are only found in certain geologies, it is rare and expensive.

Gases Mixtures

When you need more than simple pure gas, we can provide a wide variety of gas mixes. Gas mixtures are specific to the application and industry. For example, food gas mixtures delay the deterioration of packaged food by replacing the air in the package with a protective gas mixture. Beer, wine and soft drink producers use different gas mixtures to improve product quality. Food grade gases comply with FDA guidelines. Gas mixtures can be mixed continuously on-site from pure gases or they can be supplied to you pre-mixed.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide (CO2) with a low temperature of -78° C (-109° F). Carbon dioxide is part of the air we breathe and is recovered as a natural byproduct of processes such as fermentation. CryoCarb™ produces dry ice for a multitude of applications such as preserving food and biological materials and cleaning equipment in manufacturing and food processing facilities. We are committed to providing the best quality, high density dry ice and delivering it fresh to our customers daily.

Gas Handling Equipment

We can assist with selecting reliable, safe and efficient gas handling equipment including flow devices, gas delivery systems, regulators, purifiers, filters and related equipment and supplies.

Quality Assurance

CryoCarb™ supplies gases from production plants in compliance with the U.S. Food, Drug and Administration’s current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) for pharmaceuticals and human food.

FaB Wisconsin

FaB Wisconsin

We are a proud member of FaB Wisconsin, the state’s vibrant food and beverage industry cluster organization. FaB has over 200 members with a focus on food, beverage, ingredient, equipment and packaging makers.