Water Treatment

Because of fresh water scarcity, water has been dubbed the “liquid gold” of the world. Likewise, sustainable water consumption has become a priority within industry and with consumers alike. CryoCarb™ gases are used in a wide range of water treatment applications within municipalities, food processing plants, recreational facilities and homes.


Many food and industrial processes are water intensive and the wastewater from these processes will contain contaminants such as chemicals and biological materials.  Municipal water treatment facilities and food processing plants use carbon dioxide to treat wastewater by reducing the pH levels in alkaline water. There are several CO2 water treatment systems, such as pressurized solution feed (PSF), direct CO2 gas injection and submerged combustion system (SCS). In addition, high purity oxygen is used for aerobic digestion, oxygen-enhanced aeration, odor control, and in the production of ozone.

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Swimming Pools

While chlorine is commonly used to disinfect swimming pools, it can create higher pH levels in pool water and cause discomfort to swimmers and scaling to pool equipment. Using a carbon dioxide gas flow system helps to restore the pH levels in pool water and decreases the need to use harsh chemicals.

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Well Water

Residential well water users can improve their well water taste and well performance using carbon dioxide. These CO2 gas systems are designed for both the preventative maintenance and rehab of residential water wells.

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Fish farmers can increase their fish density and productivity by using CryoCarb™ oxygen to oxygenate the water. Aquaculture operations using oxygen have healthier ponds and an accelerated growing cycle.

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Milwaukee is “Capital of Water”

We are fortunate to be located in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, where there is an abundance of freshwater lakes and rivers, and of course, the fresh coast of Lake Michigan.

According to Forbes Magazine, Milwaukee is considered the “capital of water” and home to the Global Water Center, which houses water researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs from small to large water technology companies and universities. Wisconsin has over 45 water tech organizations including the Water Council, based at the Global Water Center. Let’s work together to accelerate the responsible use and future of water.

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Gases for Water Treatment

CO2 periodic table    O2 periodic table

Dry Ice

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Make safety a priority and take time to learn about the risks and hazards associated with using compressed gases.

The pressure inside of cylinders is hazardous. A full compressed gas cylinder that falls and breaks its valve can travel with explosive force resulting in severe personal injury and property damage. Even at relatively low pressures, gas can flow rapidly from an open or leaking cylinder valve and cause harm.

Regulators, valves and hoses are gas specific and not necessarily interchangeable. Never tamper with safety release devices in valves. Consult with the manufacturer for complete information on how to safely use these devices.

The gases inside of cylinders have unique properties, hazards and other considerations. For example, oxygen supports combustion and increases the risk of fire. Argon, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen and nitrous oxide may displace oxygen and cause asphyxiation to humans and animals.

Please refer to the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on each of our gases for hazards identification and detailed information on the physical and chemical properties of each gas. In addition, safety data sheets contain information on personal protection; safe handling, storage, transport and disposal; environmental data; firefighting and first aid measures.

We provide SDSs for all our products in solid, liquid and gaseous state for your reference. Refer to gases. If you do not see your SDS online, you may request one by emailing or calling us.

Gas Handling Equipment

We can assist selecting the correct size cylinders, microbulk and bulk storage tanks. CryoCarb™ offers gas mixers, handling equipment, delivery systems, flow devices, regulators, purifiers, filters and related equipment and supplies.