About CryoCarb™

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As our name suggests, CryoCarb™ is a unique and new specialty gas company offering “cryogenic” and “carbonic” gas solutions. We are focused on customers in the food, beverage, bio-tech, water treatment and other “clean” industries.

Our goal is to provide innovative solutions, high quality product and service you can trust.

We are part of Welders Supply Company (WSC), a reputable, independent supplier of gases and welding equipment based in southern Wisconsin. For over 80 years, WSC has grown organically and built a reputation for excellent service by delivering customers what they want, when they need it.

Industries Served

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Variety of food items


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Water Treatment

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Fire Suppression

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Dry Ice

Using the newest in extrusion technology equipment, CryoCarb produces dry ice that yields higher density and better quality pellets, nuggets, and slabs. Our goal is to get the best quality product to our customers faster than ever before.

Retail Dry Ice

We deliver bagged ice, block ice and dry ice in southern WI and northern IL for retail and wholesale accounts.

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Dry Ice Blasting

Remove a variety of contaminants, including glue, paint, rubber, mold, grease, and oil.

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Commercial Dry Ice

You can count on a leading dry ice supplier to deliver the value you need and the reliability your business depends on.

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Depending on the gas and the application requirements, gases and liquefied gases are available in a variety of grades including industrial, USP, NF, FDA food grade, beverage grade, high purity, ultra high purity, EPA Protocol, Zero, and others.

Pure Gases

Atmospheric gases we supply include pure argon, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, and oxygen

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Gas Mixtures

When you need more than a simple pure gas, we can provide a wide variety of gas mixtures suited for your application.

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We work with Gas Innovations to provide you with rare gas mixes in both high and low pressure containers.

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