Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

CryoCarb™ is dedicated to providing the necessary pure and mixed gases to ensure your product quality using modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

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Snack Food

Potato chips and nuts are snacks that contain fat and are at risk for oxidation. Pure nitrogen is used in package atmosphere to prevent spoilage and as protection from shipping and handling damage.


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Vacuum packaging has been the preferred method in the past, but can leave marks on products and be hard to open. Modified atmosphere packaging can slow mold growth while not maturing the cheese. Carbon dioxide and nitrogen mixtures can prevent rancidity and spoilage in yogurt, powdered milk, cream cheese, hard, soft and sliced cheeses.

Meat and Sausage

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From slaughter to butchering to packaging, meat products are susceptible to spoilage from microbial growth. Modified atmosphere combined with continuous cooling can significantly extend the shelf life of poultry, beef or pork. Gases used include carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen.

Fish and Seafood

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Shortly after catch, fish and seafood are at risk of spoilage and quality decline. Keeping fish and seafood cold using dry ice and other refrigeration methods is the most important factor in shelf life. In addition, modified atmosphere packaging using a mixture of gases can slow bacteria growth.

Bread and Cake

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Muffins, cake, cookies and bread are all primarily affected by mold formation. Carbon dioxide minimizes the risk of mold formation, but because bread and cake products absorb carbon dioxide creating a sour taste, nitrogen is added.

Fruit and Vegetables

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Fruits and vegetables continue breathing after harvest and require oxygen in their packaging. An equilibrium modified atmosphere of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen combined with cooling can extend the shelf life of fresh produce.

Pasta and Ready-Made Meals

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Ready-made sandwiches, pizzas and pasta contain different ingredients with different spoilage concerns and shelf life. Mixtures of carbon dioxide and nitrogen can be adjusted to your product to extend shelf life.


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Gases and gas mixtures are used during the many stages of wine production to prevent oxidation and microbial deterioration. The gas used in a wine tank headspace depends on the type of wine. Gases used include argon, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

Gases for MAP Applications

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Dry Ice

Call CryoCarb™ at (888) 254-5931 for your MAP applications.

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Dry Ice

Quality Assurance

CryoCarb™ supplies gases from production plants in compliance with the U.S. Food, Drug and Administration’s current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) for pharmaceuticals and human food.


Make safety a priority and take time to learn about the risks and hazards associated with using compressed gases.

The pressure inside of cylinders is hazardous. A full compressed gas cylinder that falls and breaks its valve can travel with explosive force resulting in severe personal injury and property damage. Even at relatively low pressures, gas can flow rapidly from an open or leaking cylinder valve and cause harm.

Regulators, valves and hoses are gas specific and not necessarily interchangeable. Never tamper with safety release devices in valves. Consult with the manufacturer for complete information on how to safely use these devices.

The gases inside of cylinders have unique properties, hazards and other considerations. For example, oxygen supports combustion and increases the risk of fire. Argon, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen and nitrous oxide may displace oxygen and cause asphyxiation to humans and animals.

Please refer to the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on each of our gases for hazards identification and detailed information on the physical and chemical properties of each gas. In addition, safety data sheets contain information on personal protection; safe handling, storage, transport and disposal; environmental data; firefighting and first aid measures.

We provide SDSs for all our products in solid, liquid and gaseous state for your reference. Refer to gases. If you do not see your SDS online, you may request one by emailing or calling us.

Gas Handling Equipment

We can assist selecting the correct size cylinders, microbulk and bulk storage tanks. CryoCarb™ offers gas mixers, handling equipment, delivery systems, atmosphere sampling devices, leak detection systems, cryo-dosers, flow devices, regulators, purifiers, filters and related equipment and supplies. We will assist with selecting products that are safe, reliable, efficient and manufactured according to FDA standards.

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