Cyrogenic Food Freezing

Cryogenic freezing, a gas-based process that flash freezes product to temperatures of -20 degrees or less, helps retain the flavor, taste and product quality better than traditional freezing methods.


From cooling raw ingredients to dough mixing and finished product cooling or freezing, we offer FDA compliant cryogenic gases to maintain product quality. Carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen is injected into flour and other dry ingredients to control ingredient temperature. Having precise temperature control allows bakers to achieve repeatable and desired results.

Beef and Pork

Bacterial growth, off-flavors, spoilage and short shelf life can all result from heat generated during meat mixing and grinding. Using cryogenic carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen keeps your product at the optimal temperature. Proper chilling during product blending of fats and spices can achieve uniform heat removal for better product quality and extended shelf life.



Poultry, whether it’s tenders, nuggets, bone in or bone out, is among the most difficult products to handle. Cryogenic freezing and chilling systems help rapidly remove heat using liquid nitrogen, which quickly freezes your product retaining necessary moisture.

Prepared Foods

Prepared Foods

Cryogenically frozen prepared foods, whether an entrée, appetizer, snack or dessert, retain the flavor and taste of the product which otherwise can deteriorate with traditional freezing methods.


From apricots to zucchini, these fragile products are chilled or frozen to lock in freshness and handle more easily.


Protect fish and shellfish by cryogenically removing heat quickly to maintain product integrity, moisture and natural attributes.

Dairy and Ice Cream

Dairy and Ice Cream

Maintaining shape and rapid hardening is vital for dairy and ice cream processing. Cryogenic freezing using liquid nitrogen or CO2 can achieve desired quality. Dry ice can be used to keep your product frozen or chilled during transport.

Freeze Drying

Lyophilization or freeze drying is a process in which water is removed from a product after it is frozen. It uses liquid nitrogen for freezing and then product is placed under a vacuum, allowing the ice to sublimate directly from solid to vapor. Freeze drying is used in food and pharmaceuticals for storage and easy transport.

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Dry Ice

Quality Assurance

CryoCarb™ supplies gases from production plants in compliance with the U.S. Food, Drug and Administration’s current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) for pharmaceuticals and human food.


Make safety a priority and take time to learn about the risks and hazards associated with using compressed gases.

The pressure inside of cylinders is hazardous. A full compressed gas cylinder that falls and breaks its valve can travel with explosive force resulting in severe personal injury and property damage. Even at relatively low pressures, gas can flow rapidly from an open or leaking cylinder valve and cause harm.

Regulators, valves and hoses are gas specific and not necessarily interchangeable. Never tamper with safety release devices in valves. Consult with the manufacturer for complete information on how to safely use these devices.

The gases inside of cylinders have unique properties, hazards and other considerations. For example, oxygen supports combustion and increases the risk of fire. Argon, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen and nitrous oxide may displace oxygen and cause asphyxiation to humans and animals.

Please refer to the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on each of our gases for hazards identification and detailed information on the physical and chemical properties of each gas. In addition, safety data sheets contain information on personal protection; safe handling, storage, transport and disposal; environmental data; firefighting and first aid measures.

We provide SDSs for all our products in solid, liquid and gaseous state for your reference. Refer to gases. If you do not see your SDS online, you may request one by emailing or calling us.

Gas Handling Equipment

We can assist selecting the correct size cylinders, microbulk and bulk storage tanks. CryoCarb™ offers gas mixers, handling equipment, delivery systems, atmosphere sampling devices, leak detection systems, cryo-dosers, flow devices, regulators, purifiers, filters and related equipment and supplies. We will assist with selecting products that are safe, reliable, efficient and manufactured according to FDA standards.

FaB Wisconsin

FaB Wisconsin

We are a proud member of FaB Wisconsin, the state’s vibrant food and beverage industry cluster organization. FaB has over 200 members with a focus on food, beverage, ingredient, equipment and packaging makers.