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Fire restoration, ice cream and blood banks all have one thing in common: dry ice. Building restorers and manufacturing facilities use dry ice pellets in blasting machines for general cleaning, removing grease or cleaning up after fires. Food purveyors use it for food freezing, chilling and transporting their products. Bio-medical operations rely on dry ice to preserve blood, vaccines and other biological material, especially in transport.

Made In Wisconsin

With a multitude critical uses in mind, CryoCarb™ is committed to providing the best quality, high density dry ice and delivering it fresh to our customers daily. We do this using the latest in manufacturing technology and using our own fleet of delivery vehicles and transport partners.

Delivered Fresh!

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CryoCarb™ has delivery service to our customers within the southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois region. It is delivered fresh directly from our manufacturing facility to your door to ensure maximum quality and product performance.

See our service area map.

For the best quality, high density dry ice, call (888) 254-5931.

Dry Ice

3MM (1/8″)

Dry Ice

16 MM (5/8″)

Dry Ice

10″ x 5″ x 2″
5 LB. Block

Make dry ice safety a priority. See dry ice Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Dry Ice Blasting Equipment Rental

We also provide customers a ColdJet® dry ice blasting machine for rental. The Aero 40FP is a full pressure dry ice cleaning system that includes radial feeding with aerodynamic loading. The unit utilizes a light-weight compact motor with lower power consumption. It features pulse-free blasting and precision feed rate control, and has an onboard pressure regulator. Accessories are included with rental to provide the best clean for your environment. Call CryoCarb™ at (888) 254-5931 for rental availability.

Commercial Dry Ice

Why CryoCarb™?

Old Vs New

Old Methods

Older technology forms an amalgam of dry ice snow and gaseous carbon dioxide to produce solid dry ice. The quality and density of the dry ice varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. In addition, slower delivery methods have resulted in dry ice declining 20% or more between the time of manufacture and when customers actually received their product.

Result: Loss in production time, useful lifetime and product performance.

Commercial Dry Ice

New Technology

Using the newest in extrusion technology equipment, CryoCarb™ produces dry ice that yields higher density and better quality pellets, nuggets and slabs. Our goal is to get the best quality product to our customers faster than ever before.

Result: Dry ice when you need it, lasting longer and resulting in better cleaning performance.

What is Dry Ice?

Commercial Dry Ice

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide (CO2) with a low temperature of -78° C (-109° F). Solid CO2 sublimates directly into vapor at normal atmospheric pressure. When it sublimates, it leaves no residue or waste material.

Carbon dioxide is part of the air we breathe and can be recovered in a variety of ways. The CO2 we use to make dry ice is recovered as a natural byproduct of several industrial and chemical processes such as in fermentation and oil refining. The CO2 is captured and stored for future use. So, when dry ice is used, no new CO2 is produced. Only the original CO2 is released, which is why using dry ice is considered “carbon-neutral” or environmentally responsible.

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