Local Dry Ice Supplier

Retail Dry Ice
Retail Dry Ice
Dry ice blocks come wrapped in FDA
approved perforated plastic
Retail Dry Ice

For keeping foods cold during a camping trip or shipping frozen food across the country, CryoCarb™ offers dry ice (10 pounds or more) to our retail customers. Dry ice is available over the counter at five retail locations in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

Retail Availability

10”x5”x2” (5 lb.) blocks

10 lbs. or more

Styrofoam coolers available for purchase.

Dry Ice Safety

  • Dry ice is EXTREMELY COLD (-109º F)
  • DO NOT taste or touch with bare hands (use gloves)
  • DO NOT confine in airtight containers
  • DO NOT store, use or transport in poorly ventilated areas

Make dry ice safety a priority. See dry ice Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Retail Locations

CryoCarb™ is a division of Welder’s Supply Company. Please visit one of our five Welder’s Supply retail locations in Wisconsin and Illinois.


111 Barrett Place
Beloit, WI 53511

516 Mill Street
Burlington, WI 53105

Big Bend
W230 S7720 Hwy. 164
Big Bend, WI 53103

Retail Dry Ice


3485 Brick Drive
Rockford, IL 61109

Crystal Lake
189 S Main St
Crystal Lake, IL 60014